History of the property

Original farm cottage

The guesthouse at Wingspread is the original farm cottage which began its life in the 1950’s.  We believe the owners hand made all the bricks and then built the house themselves.  At this time, the property was 15 acres and running as a market garden business.

Fast forward to today and the property has been subdivided into three 5 acre lots.

The transformation

We purchased the property in 2009 and set about renovating the cottage and designing and building what is now the main house.  The guesthouse is used by family and friends and is now available to the public to come and discover the wonderful things on offer in the Yarra Valley

Our inspiration

A dream of ours was to always design and build a home on some acreage in the country.  With a love of architecture and interior design, particularly Frank Lloyd Wright, we set about finding the perfect place.  It needed to be around 5 acres, pasture and north facing with views.

We could not believe our luck when we stumbled upon this property and our dream could become a reality.  We built a house following the design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright as well as those of our architect and builder, Fasham, of light and space.

The property name of Wingspread came from a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright which was constructed in Wisconsin for the Johnson family.  The motif and font we have used and three lights located in the main house were also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

In the press

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Frank Lloyd Wright Wingspread